Q&A with Tyson Beckford

Tyson Beckford has been one of the sexiest men on the planet for basically his entire adult life, so when Tyson announced his stint with the legendary male burlesque group The Chippendales. fans of the man's immaculate body had cause to rejoice. We caught up with Tyson as he began his gig to discover what made him want to bare all, what it's like, and his favorite things!

GGM: You’ve just started your engagement with the Chippendales. How was opening night?

TB: It was good! I had a good time. You know how you start those things, and there are things you know that need to be fixed but no one else notices. It was one of those nights, but it was amazing.

GGM: When you “guest host,” does that mean you join in the dancing and fun?

TB: You’re in a good number of songs as a guest host. I’m in five. One is a solo, so I get to show off my moves there. I take the mic, I emcee. It’s crowd interaction.

GGM: You mentioned you have a solo--what’s your song?

TB: We’re changing it now. The one I started with I don’t even remember the name of. It was a pretty cool song, but it wasn’t my style. We’re getting the choreography for the new one set up today. It constantly changes.

GGM: What made you want to join this project?

TB: It’s definitely helping me right now promote Chocolate City and my Beckford Bar, and it was good for me to show I was able to do it, to be in great shape and be able to do it.

GGM: What are you jamming lately?

TB: Let me go into my playlist… I’m playing a lot of Jay-Z, Beyonce, Rihanna, Bob Marley. Bob Marley’s Legend is a good one to relax to. I like Disclosure, and The Weeknd. The song "Earned It" on the 50 Shades of Grey Soundtrack is a good one. Yung Dolph is underground, but he’s great.

GGM: Have you seen any good movies recently?

TB: I went to see Furious 7, and Blackbird. If you haven’t heard about Blackbird yet, check it out. It’s about a young teenager struggling with his identity and sexuality, and how he becomes a man. American Sniper was a good one. This is just stuff I liked this year. Will Smith’s Focus was great too.

GGM: How about TV shows?                                        

TB: Right now I’m keeping up with House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Blacklist, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones. I’m missing all my Sunday episodes of Game of Thrones cuz I’m working, but I’ll be two Sundays behind when I get home.

GGM: Do you have any favorite books?

TB: My favorite growing up was Malcolm X. One of my favorites is called 48 Laws of Power.

GGM:  Okay so right now, what fashion do you find yourself wearing a lot of?

TB: Lately, I like sportscoats and blazers, dinner jackets. I have a custom brand guy in New York who does my stuff named Alexander Nash. He’s on 27th street in Manhattan.

GGM: Last thing you splurged on?

TB: Hmm, I haven’t had one of those in a while. I would probably have to say it would be my Ducati Motorcycle.

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