Daniel Radcliffe Lets Loose About His Favorite Things

Daniel Radcliffe Lets Loose About His Favorite Things

Since establishing his name and face as one of the most well known in the world by portraying Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe has transitioned into becoming a more "serious" actor, taking on dramatic roles such as Allen Ginsberg and Arthur Kipps in The Woman in Black. The transition has been seamless; like co-star Emma Watson, it appears as though Radcliffe will have little trouble growing out of child stardom and having a long, successful career. We decided to check out some things that Radcliffe likes, including his favorite movies, music, and more!

12 Angry Men

When Daniel Radcliffe was transitioning out of the Potter world, he gave himself a crash course on cinema history, which meant checking out this classic Sidney Lumet film.


This Emile Zola classic stuck out to Daniel as the first longer European novel he read. "Germinal by Emile Zola was the first sort of longer and more European novel that I ever read, and I remember reading it in like five days. It’s a long book, and I’m a slow reader, but I just did nothing else.”

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