Jon Hamm Shares His Playlist

Jon Hamm Shares His Playlist

Jon Hamm is a beautiful man with a remarkable taste in music. Here are some songs he jammed on his iTunes Celebrity Playlist.

"B.O.B. (Bombs Over Baghdad)"-- Outkast

"‘Player’s Ball’ and ‘Rosa Parks’ turned me on to OutKast, but this is the first OutKast single I heard that really put them over the top for me. Crazy, frenetic, kinetic beats that presaged an amazing and truly original career."

"Scenario"-- A Tribe Called Quest

"Not only were these unassuming guys from Queens super-laid-back and cool with their jazz-heavy samples (in an era of Public Enemy and BDP-style militant politicizing and West Coast N.W.A gangstaism), they also introduced Busta Rhymes to his widest audience yet. Well-played all around."

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