Jonah Hill's Dishes About His Favorite Movies

Jonah Hill's Dishes About His Favorite Movies

Since breaking through in 2007's Superbad, Jonah Hill's career has taken him through a wide variety of films, from wild comedies like Get Him to the Greek to more dramatic fare like Moneyball to some sort of delicious mixture of the two like 2013's Wolf of Wall Street. No matter what genre he's playing in, however, Hill's movies tend to be high quality. We did some research on Hill to find out what films he likes when he's not creating films we like!


Jonah Hill told Rotten Tomatoes that one of his favorite movies is the Martin Scorsese classic, Goodfellas. Makes sense-: Wolf of Wall Street can be seen as a spiritual successor of sorts to Scorsese's big hit, and Hill's performance puts him in fine company alongside classic Scorsese supporting-character actors like Joe Pesci, though it's tough to imagine Hill asking someone, "Funny how?"

The Big Lebowski

A major theme of this 10 Things is picturing Hill's talents in the hands of some of Hollywood's best directors. Hill telling Rotten Tomatoes that one of his favorite movies is The Big Lebowski makes us wonder how the Coen Brothers would employ Jonah. Considering the offbeat characters they've gotten A-listers like Brad Pitt and Matt Damon to play, they could absolutely give Jonah one of mis most distinctive roles.

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