Metric Shares Their Fashion Secrets, and Other Favorite Things

Metric Shares Their Fashion Secrets, and Other Favorite Things

Alternative rockers Metric are scoring hit after hit with their infectious blend of dance pop and Emily Haines' great vocal tracks. It shouldn't come as much of a surprise, however, considering their impeccable taste! We checked out 10 of the rockers favorite things, from incredible books, to thought provoking films, to fly-as-hell fashion. Check it out!


"10:04 by Ben Lerner. It’s just one of those books where—my relationship to reading is picking up things I purposefully look for. I found that book and it’s doing what George Saunders did for me, sort of experimental fiction. He wouldn’t call it experimental fiction, but he’s doing kind of what we’re doing in this conversation. Like, it’s an interview, but it’s not really just an interview. It’s a thing in multiple dimensions."


When we asked Metric some of their favorite shows, Emily Haines said "Well, you gotta love Louie."

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