Q&A with Chilli

We talked to Chilli about the TLC Kickstarter's unbelievable success, the group's megatour with New Kids on the Block and Nelly, the WWE, and a few of Chilli's favorite things!

-by Adam Downer

GGM: The Kickstarter for your final album has been incredibly successful. You had a goal of 150k and you’re well above that! Did you expect the campaign to be this much of a success?

Chilli: We had no idea! We hoped and prayed people would believe in this project and want to be a part of it. A lot of people do! We’re really blessed to have all this love coming to us.

GGM: A couple things about this being your final album: did you always know you wanted to do one more album or was this a recent inspiration?

Chilli: We’ve always wanted to make more music, but we wanted the right situation. Kickstarter was that great platform for us to use. Now is that time.

GGM: When this album is done, will the book really be closed, or is there any scenario where you think you could do another TLC record?

Chilli: As of right now, we’re pretty sure this is the last album. What we want to do is add to our catalogue. We’re very blessed to have one, and we want to add new music. Our fans want new music from us. After our movie came out, the requests were through the roof. We paid attention to that. When our manager told us about Kickstarter, that’s when we knew it was the right moment.

GGM: You’re in the studio right now. How will this album compare to previous efforts? Are you going to try to recapture your 90s/early 2000s sound, or push in a new direction?

Chilli: We don’t look at it that way. We go into the studio and stick with our normal formula, which is creating it from scratch, so whatever comes from that. For us, making time with music is important. We don’t want to make music that sounds dated. We know how to avoid going in that direction, and like to do things from the ground up.

GGM: Can you tell me a bit about what fans can expect from your arena tour with New Kids On The Block and Nelly?

Chilli: A huge party! It’s always a party when you see a TLC show, but on tour with these guys? Oh my god, they’re phenomenal on stage, and we love them to pieces. Nelly is amazing. He has a lot of great songs. When people come out to see this tour—it’s always great to have a good lineup. I think we all share some of the same fans, which is great. That’s why this tour makes a lot of sense to us. It’s funny, we got a lot of fans on Twitter saying they wanted to see us on tour with New Kids On the Block two years ago! And I was like, well, it happened!

GGM: Songs you’re jamming like crazy lately?

Chilli: Actually, right now I’m in that creative mode, putting our team of producers and songwriters together—actually I want to mention that with the more money pledged with this Kickstarter, the more access we can have to top producers and songwriters! And you definitely get value with your money! So, that’s where my head’s at now (laughs)

GGM: How about a favorite album of all time?

Chilli: Okay, well, Michael Jackson. Any of ‘em, really. I love everything he’s done. You know what? I love Brandy’s album Full Moon. It was her best album. Amazing.

GGM: Favorite movie you’ve seen recently?

Chilli: American Sniper was very good, and Unbroken! Woo, that was great. Such a great movie. And The Wedding Ringer actually was a lot better than I expected.

GGM: Favorite TV shows?

Chilli: I love The Turtleman on Animal Planet! That’s my favorite. I love that, and I love WWE. Friday Night Smackdown and Monday Night Raw. It’s so good! You love it on TV, but go to an event! It is a-maz-ing!

GGM: Favorite Books?

Chilli: My favorite book is The Five Love Languages. These books are everywhere, even at grocery stores! It talks about the way people love. When you’re dating, have a boyfriend, girlfriend, whatever, do you speak each other’s “love language.” And it also helps you understand your own “love language.” You can be in a relationship, and if you don’t speak each other’s “love language,” it won’t register to you that you actually love each other. It’s amazing and a huge eye-opener. It’s a short read too!

GGM: Is there a spot, say a restaurant or a club, you have to hit up in a certain city?

Chilli: Well, definitely not a club. We’re not club people. I like to go to sushi restaurants. Wherever the best sushi is, that’s where I’m gonna be. In New York, I like to go to Nobu.

GGM: What’s a favorite TLC behind-the-scenes story for you?

Chilli: Just how we prank people all the time! Spitball fights in the car, getting straws and it’s really disgusting! We go spittin’ away! (laughs) It’s very funny. I love how we prank people. 

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