Q&A with Cinda Boomershine

In an economic landscape that finds companies shipping jobs overseas to cut costs, Cinda Boomsershine has taken on the honorable challenge of keeping her bags made right here in the US! Her brand, Cinda B, started as a tiny operation in her guest bedroom, but now has a factory in Fort Wayne, Indiana. It's not easy, but Cinda's dedication keeps the company growing and thriving! She was kind enough to take some time to talk to us about keeping Cinda B US-based, her career as a working mother and entrepreneur, and a few of her favorite things!

GGM: At GoGoMix, we like to find out about what you’re working on and the things you like, so starting broad: Cinda, what are you up to right now?

CB: Right now, work-wise, I’m designing new collections with new patterns for Spring/Summer 2015 and Fall/Winter 2015.

GGM: One of the most striking things about your line of bags is that they are all made in the US. When so many companies outsource overseas to cut costs, how do you deal with the challenge of keeping your handbags made in the USA?

CB: It is definitely tricky! The way we get around it is by being really strategic on each and every feature in the bag. We’re real smart about how we source components and how we go about sewing bags. We make the most of every cent we put in the bag. You have to be smart, strategic, and dedicated to making in the United States. It’s a personal mission of mine! It’s not easy!

GGM: How would you describe how the Cinda B brand has evolved over the years?

CB: I started it almost ten years ago, which is crazy, but it started off as a dream of mine to make an American-made product, and I needed a travel bag for the weekend! It started really small out of my guest bedroom with seven different styles and four patterns, but now it has evolved over the years to encompass so many more people than just me. I’m proud to say we’ve moved out of our guest bedroom up to our headquarters in Fort Wayne and a manufacturing facility. It has evolved in the number of products and styles we offer, but also, most importantly, the number of people involved as employees and our fan base! It’s evolved in the number of people who collect Cinda B and who are supportive of the product line and made-in-America products!

Cinda B's bags are modern and fashionable for women with active lifestyles.

GGM: How would you describe the brand?

CB: You know, we make travel bags, totes, and accessories for women with active lifestyles who are also very fashionable and have a modern sensibility. That’s how I describe it in a nutshell, but I also think the brand itself is a happy, fun, fresh, modern brand. As a company, we try to have fun in everything we do. If you can’t have fun, why bother doing it, is my theory!

GGM: You were on TBS’ Movie and a Makeover for a long time. Can we hope to see a return to television?

CB: That’s a great question! You know, I haven’t focused on that lately because I’ve been so focused on Cinda B! I used my television gig to fund Cinda B when it was starting, but it was a great balance of cash flow and promotion, as being in the public eye as a television designer helped build the Cinda B brand. Now that things are getting established and I have such an amazing team behind me, there’s no telling what will come along in the future. I love doing television, and I love the camaraderie you have when you work with a crew of people for so long producing something like that. I don’t rule it out! It’s not something I’m focused on, but never say never!

GGM: At GoGoMix, we like to hear a bit about some of the entertainment you take in in your spare time. Is there any music you’ve been jamming lately?

CB: Oh my gosh, you know, lately I’ve busted out my old Jamiroquai albums, getting back in shape post-baby with some vintage Jamiroquai. Don’t ask me why! But I am a Top 40 type of gal. Anything I can dance and move to!

GGM: Can you tell me your favorite Top 40 song right now?

CB: This week I’ve been singing Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy.” We’ve been designing some fancy new products for Cinda B, so it’s kind of been a little theme song in our heads!

GGM: I’ve read you are a snowboarding and wake-surfing addict. What are your some of your favorite places to snowboard?

CB: My favorite place is Park City, Utah. It’s an easy flight from Atlanta. We love it! It’s our home away from home. If you put me on a snowboard or a wake-surf board, I am in my happy place!

GGM: Seen any good movies recently?

CB: I have not! The last time I saw a movie in a movie theater was a Sundance Film when I was pregnant with my two-year old! I am a working mom and an entrepreneur, so the luxury of time to sit in a movie theater is just not something I have these days! If I spare moments, they’re with my babies!

GGM: How about a favorite movie of all time, then?

CB: Oh, The Princess Bride! I could watch that over and over again!

GGM: TV shows?

CB: My favorite show that I love is Sunday Mornings on CBS! It’s a cross between news and documentary and happy-feelgood, and I love their positive spin on things.

GGM: Have you been reading anything lately?

CB: I’ve been reading a lot of parenting books! (laughs) Moms on Call, and I listen to books on tape, like Black Wave. It’s a true story about a family that was sailing around the world and they hit a reef.

GGM: Do you have a favorite restaurant you frequent in Atlanta?

CB: Yes. I have lots of favorite restaurants, but the one I tell people to go to if they want some gourmet southern is JCT.

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