Q&A with Egypt Sherrod

Egypt Sherrod has made her mark on television with her expertise and winning personality. You may recognize her from her stint hosting HGTV's Property Virgins, where she loves personality in homes that don't have a larger-than-life price range. She also loves giving back to the community--her charity, Egypt Cares Family Foundation, helps children who want to go into radio and television and families budget for buying homes. And finally, she loves a few very cool things! Egypt stopped by GoGoMix to tell us what things she loves to use and do in her spare time. Find out what she reads, watches, and wears in the full transcription of our interview below!

GGM: You actually made me want to get into radio and television with WBLS! It was awesome seeing you on television and seeing how beautiful you are too!

ES: That is a myth that’s long gone! People say if you’re on the radio, you must have a “face for radio,” but most of the radio personalities I know are handsome or beautiful, so that is out the door!

GGM: How are you feeling today?

ES: Happy to be back in New York! I moved to Atlanta a couple years ago but when I come back to my city, I feel home!

GGM: So when Egypt is at home in New York, what are some of the favorite places you like to eat?

ES: It’s funny you say that! I had a girls night out at Tao downtown last week, about 15 of us, and they almost had to kick us out!

GGM: What’s so good about Tao?

ES: Their shrimp and scallop rolls are terrific. And the ambiance of the place! There’s something interesting in every nook and cranny of the place. And they make you feel special! I don’t think I’ve been in many places where the waiters and maître d’s dress like they’re in GQ magazine! It adds to it, and it makes it easier to pay the bill!

GGM: Where else do you like to eat?

ES: Let’s see… Buddakan. If I just want something quick, I’m a Chipotle girl! I will eat Chipotle for breakfast lunch and dinner!

GGM: So when you travel, what’s on your iPod?

ES: Here’s the truth: I’m a radio-television personality, but when I go home, I turn everything off. I like silence. I listen to music when I’m working, but after that, I need peace.

GGM: So you must read a lot!

ES: I do read! Lately, a lot of children’s books. Every Dr. Seuss that you can think of! But I do have a couple books that have stuck with me my entire life. You know those books you read over and over again just to have it really sink in? It applies to you differently in different chapters of your life? There’s a book called The Game of Life and How to Play It by Florence Scovel Shinn. It’s really thin and you can read it in about 45 minutes, but so much wisdom is packed into one little punch. I read it over and over. And The Secret. Of course, The Secret. Anything by Deepak Chopra. Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. I’m a big Wayne Dyer fan as well.

GGM: What about the magazines you like?

ES: Cosmo, GQ—do I need to explain why? (laughs) Glamour Magazine, Architectural Digest as well. I love looking at Better Homes and Gardens, and HGTV Magazine. You can find out so many things to do with your house on a 50 dollar budget! It helps me when I’m showing houses.

GGM: And how about movies?

ES: I am a bit of a movie buff, but lately, I’m so hooked on HBO. There’s a little show called Game of Thrones, and I’m hooked. I liked True Blood. It got a little lame towards the end, but you watch something so long and you have to see what happens. There’s a show called White Queen—I love period pieces. I think it’s underrated so people should watch it so it should come back!

GGM: Your home is Philly. What are some places you love to eat in Philly?

ES: In the Illadelph? That’s what we call it (laughs). I’m from North Philly, went to Temple University. I didn’t have any money back in the day. I’m very “started from the bottom, now I’m here.” Wherever I could go for five dollars—usually a corner store bodega! For people who go to Philadelphia for a destination, however, it’s all about Pat’s Steaks. Philly is all about hoagies and cheese steaks, so you gotta go to Pat’s and take a walk on South Street.

GGM: Now, your fashion game is on point. Who are some of your favorite designers to wear?

ES: I got these Paul Andrew shoes. I’m seeing him pop up everywhere! He’s my favorite new shoe designer because the price range is between 300 and 500 dollars for a pair of pumps. Still kinda high, but still kinda reasonable. I’m a bargainista at heart, but I’ll pay for good shoes!

GGM: What stores do you go to?

ES: I go to Ann Taylor a lot. It started to bother me when my mother and I started shopping at the same stores, but they can do funky well! I like Banana Republic, Club Monaco, anything at Bloomingdale’s! I don’t have designers that are my go-tos because I like to remain flexible, but what I do like is color! I love color when I put it on.

GGM: Another thing cool about you, Egypt, is your foundation, Egypt Cares Family Foundation. You give people tools to do better.

ES: Thank you for asking about it! It’s often skipped over but it’s one of the things closest to my heart! The Egypt Cares Family Foundation is a labor of love that started about five years ago in New York City. It’s an extension of who I am at my core. We have a “rising stars boot camp” for kids ages 8-17 who want to work in radio and television, and a lot of them go from our camp and become interns at places we take them. I’m also about wealth empowerment, financial management, making wealth work for you. We go generation after generation leaving behind debt instead of a legacy, so our organization has financial workshops to teach families how to save and make money work for them.

GGM: So give me two or three tips on what I should do when I want to buy a house.

ES: If you’re 6 months to a year out, skip looking. Prepare yourself. Get your credit profile right, get your finances right. Sit with a loan specialist. Do the homework, and 2-3 months out of buying, build your real estate dream team, the quarterback of which would be someone like myself, a real estate professional who can lead you to success!

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