Q&A with Hunter Valentine

Hunter Valentine have got the rock-star lifestyle down. When the Mix's Alise Shoemaker spoke to them at Cyndi Lauper's Home for the Holidays concert, we heard about the looks, drinks, and downtime activities of professional, touring musicians. Check out what the band digs below!

AS: Hi, I’m Alise Shoemaker and I’m here with Hunter Valentine! You guys are on tour right now. What are some cities and bars you like to visit on tour?

HV: We love going to California, but when we’re in a particular city, we like to figure out what they’re known for, food-wise, and track down the local spot. Or strip clubs.

AS: Oh, really? Well what sort of drinks would you have in these establishments?

HV: Bourbon. I like Bulleit bourbon. Wiser’s whiskey is healing.

AS: Do you have a lot of time to read or watch movies?

HV: A lot of Netflix. We read too. Game of Thrones—not Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones is much better.

AS: How about wardrobe. Where do you shop?

HV: Kiyomi’s closet (laughs). I like Kill City which is a boutique shop in Los Angeles. Trash and Vaudeville in St. Marks. Diesel. Tons of stuff! We’re ladies of variety!

AS: Any apps or gadgets you dig?

HV: Laura likes to send snapchats. That takes up most of her day. I also like Brabble, which is sort of like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all combined. It’s up-and-coming. Also, the Reddit app; anything that’s popular on the internet.

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