Q&A with Ian Ziering

We talked to Ian about Sharknado and Celebrity Apprentice, what it takes to be successful, and his favorite things! Check it out!

-Adam Downer

GGM: Sharknado 3 is coming. How bad is the Sharknado gonna be this time around?

IZ: It just keeps getting bigger (laughs). With every movie, the scripts get more ambitious, and this time it’s just not one city, but the entire eastern seaboard that’s under siege!

GGM: What is it like to work on these films?

IZ: We shoot these movies in less than three weeks. It’s very quick, and it’s tough. We end up shooting six days a week. There’s really no time to goof off or sit back, because this is a low-budget science fiction film. Organically, making a film, when there’s no time for quality content you get with big-budgets, something is lost. What is lost is really what’s positive in our film! Therein lies the campy nature.

GGM: What do you think it takes to be successful on Celebrity Apprentice?

IZ: It takes very deep resources in a myriad of different areas. It takes fundraising ability, and personally it takes persistence and determination. It’s all about raising money, and if you can’t, you’re in trouble!

GGM: Now you also have your own clothing brand, Chainsaw. How would you describe your brand?

IZ: Chainsaw is relaxed wear. We coined that term because it’s a niche between working out and going out. Chainsaw came about through my philanthropy. There’s a line in the Chainsaw brand that’s been created to help do good things for other people. A large part of the proceeds from that line go to various charities. In my view, a chainsaw is a tool to cut down obstacles, not a tool of violence. Using that symbolism, we put our logo on everything to see what we liked, and keeping it close to something I can identify with, it’s for those times when you’re going from the gym to whatever you’re doing through your day. So it’s sportswear, outerwear, apparel, and building vertically on several platforms like music, sports, and autoracing. We’re creating a global brand with all the things I learned on Celebrity Apprentice.

GGM: With Sharknado 3 in production, could you tell me some of your favorite science fiction movies?

IZ: Oh, the classics. GodzillaKing Kong. Those were always my favorite as a child, watching those scary monster movies. I’m not a big fan of gore. Saw is very off-putting to me. But I’ve always been a fan of scary monster movies.

GGM: You got your start on 90210, but what are some TV shows you’re watching?

IZ: I’ve got two little babies, and we’re on an 8:30, 9 bedtime, and we’re just wiped out. I don’t have any go-to television right now! But growing up, Taxi was a show that always had me laughing. All the Norman Lear shows, All in the Family, The Jeffersons, the Spelling Goldberg shows, Starsky and Hutch, Six Million Dollar Man.

GGM: Are you reading anything right now?

IZ: There’s a book I re-read over and over again called Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. I have it on audio, so I listen while working out, and it’s brain food. It’s so motivating, so inspiring, and it helps with every facet of my life. There are things I can learn to help me succeed and be a better person.

GGM: Is there anything you’re jamming right now?

IZ: The Weeknd! His last album is queued up ready to go. That guy’s got a great voice.

GGM: Favorite restaurant?

IZ: Houston’s. Houston’s is a chain restaurant, but they have the best baby back ribs I’ve had in my life. Oh my god. It’s so good.

GGM: Is there a favorite accessory you wear, or an outfit you like to wear on a big night out?

IZ: I’m not big on jewelry, but I have my family bands, and my wedding ring, which came to me through a company called Broken Gypsy.

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