Q&A with JBre and Dougie Kent

JBre and Dougie are riding a new wave of hip hop. By melding a wide variety of influences and engaging with fans on social media, the duo have garnered a huge following of passionate hip hop fans. Their third album promises to be a fan favorite because the group released a bunch of singles, got a feel of what fans liked, and composed from there! We talked to Dougie about the group's favorite albums, their penchant for cartoons, and the best place to get pizza in Reading, Pennsylvania.

GGM: You guys have an album coming this summer. How do you feel you guys have progressed musically?

Dougie: Honestly, with this project, it’s kind of one of those situations where we wanted to drop a whole bunch of songs individually so we can show fans “this is our catalogue of sound. It can range from old school sound to heavy bass to chill things.” We wanted to put that out there and see what people enjoyed the most. I think people can expect a wide variety of things.

GGM: How do guys tend to work off each other? What is the collaborative atmosphere like?

Dougie: Honestly, the way it goes is we get a beat and once we get the beat, we tend to write together over a couple evenings. We get the hook first, and once we get that, we cook something in the studio, master and mix it with our producer Ako, and then we do a sit down with our team and critique it.

GGM: I couldn’t help notice your stunning social numbers. Is interacting with fans a huge priority for you?

Dougie: Honestly, I feel like social media is a very interesting situation I’ve started to really grasp more and more. I feel like its unknown territory for artists, and that’s a problem, because this is a lifeline between myself and the people that enjoy the music. If we have a certain amount of people that follow either JBre or myself, what are we gonna do to ensure that people in different timezones see the posts we make? There’s various ways we utilize it. Personally, I like doing retweets of fans. Jeremy likes to tweet lyrics to new upcoming projects. We like to keep it real authentic and get to know people.

GGM: Do you have any favorite hip-hop albums out right now?

Dougie: That’s so hard, dude! Right now, Big Sean’s newest release, definitely. We like Big Sean a lot. A lot of people were saying “Oh, he hasn’t put out an album in a while. I’m lookin to see what he does.” And he hit us with a great hip hop album. I’ve been listening to a lot of Schoolboy Q lately. And we played with Tinashe recently, and she is a sexy female artist! I would love to see myself collaborate with her in the future! After a show we played with her in Denver, I’ve been really listening to her album, Aquarius. As an artist, I feel she’s got everything in line to have a very strong future.

GGM: Can you tell me a couple favorite albums of all time?

Dougie: Ooo this is where it gets really interesting! Alright, so one of my favorites is a Greatest Hits album of Van Halen! I’m a big Van Halen, 80s fan. I grew up on Metallica’s Reload. The Cars, Duran Duran. Aw man… The Doors, man. I wish I was around for that. That was some nice shit.

GGM: Can you tell me a couple favorite movies, or something you’ve seen recently that’s dope?

Dougie: Man, I’m not too good with movies. This is real sad, but I never watch movies unless I’m on a date or something. I guess the last movie I saw that was good was Taken. Jeremy knows a lot more about movies.

GGM: Well, how about TV shows?

Dougie: JBre is the Family Guy guru. He loves Cartoon Network, some Johnny Bravo reruns. He likes his cartoons. I like my Spongebob dude! When I eat my lunch real quick, Spongebob’s on. And The League is dope! Shiva is sexy!

GGM: Are you guys reading anything?

Dougie: No books, really. Not much of a novel guy. I like magazines, dude. Rolling Stone for sure is my shit!

GGM: Favorite place you discovered on the road?

Dougie: Oh man! This is the truest thing ever: we go to the studio about an hour away. We try to go twice or three times a month. And we go to Pizza Como, and it’s the best damn Italian pizza place in the world. It’s a little Italian place in Reading, Pennsylvania, and every time I’m in there, it’s 60s style. It’s crazy!

GGM: Is there a particular clothing brand you gravitate towards? Like a specific style of shoe or shirt?

Dougie: Oh hell yeah man. Dude, alright: my number one shoe is Vans. You will see me in vans 100% of the time. When I was in a band in 2007, 2008, everyone was wearing Vans. We’re hoping to get on Vans Warped Tour. That’s one of our 2015 goals.

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