Q&A with Jon Secada

In addition to being a stellar singer and performer, Jon Secada is a man of impeccable taste. When we chatted with the American Idol Latina judge, we not only learned of his deep-seeded passion for Stevie wonder, we heard about his affinity for New York, swanky taste in hotels, and television choice that keeps him connected with his kids. Read our interview with this overall good guy below!

GGM: We at GoGoMix like to know what you like to do. Let’s jump right into it. We’ve read your music inspirations were Stevie Wonder and Elton John growing up. Are there any Stevie Wonder songs in particular you like?

JS: Oh, it’s more than songs. It’s whole albums memorized. Songs in the Key of Life, “Isn’t She Lovely,” “Lately,” “Superstition,” “You and I,” all his ballads. Especially with his ballads, I remember being a big fan of the way he wrote because of the passion, melody, and harmony. Music eventually became such a big part of my life when I went to college, learning about music itself, playing piano. Stevie Wonder, while still connecting with pop music, wrote songs with all these great chords, and as a musician that was a lot of fun to get into.

GGM: You were born in Havana, grew up in Florida. Are there any places or destinations that you really think are fabulous?

JS: I love New York. I think I spend more time in New York more than any other city outside of Miami, where I live. I love Manhattan, been to a couple Broadway shows. I’ve gotten to know a lot of the little areas in Manhattan really well.

GGM: What about hotels?

JS: You know, there are so many I think are fabulous. I love The Empire. It’s one of the first places I stayed when I came here. I also like the Paramount and the Royalton.

GGM: I understand you have quite the culinary taste. When you come to New York, are there restaurants you want to frequent?

JS: Right off the bat, we had dinner at Fiorello’s the other night. One of my first spots from when I first came to the city twenty years ago, and still a favorite.

GGM: We also know you were a judge on American Idol Latina. Are there any TV shows you like to watch in your spare time?

JS: Lately, I’ve been hooked on Reality Talent shows. I love American Idol, X Factor, The Voice. It’s my connection with my kids. When we’re able to spend time as a family, it’s a lot of fun to watch something that relates to what I do and do our own little judging at home. It’s a fun process.

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