Q&A with Josh Groban

If Josh Groban’s angelic voice and sincere vocal recordings have you thinking the man’s a straight-laced, no-fun type, you are way off. In our conversation with the singer, we talked of his aspirations to get his pilot’s license and and his dream future career as a voice actor for popular apps. Also, puppies.

GGM: What we do on the Mix is talk about things that you love, so why don’t we start with—

JG: Puppies!!!!!!

GGM: I was going to say music, but heck yeah, let’s start with puppies! What’s your favorite kind of breed?

JG: I am a proud owner of a Wheaten terrier. I think they’re the greatest dogs on the planet. When they’re little they look like little black bears! And they’re wiggly and they don’t shed so when I’m on my tour bus, it’s great!

GGM: Speaking of tours, you must have a lot of downtime. Do you have any favorite TV shows or movies you like to watch.

JG: I’ve probably watched every hotel movie—well, not every hotel movie—but almost every hotel movie that there is. I love playing IPhone games, actually. I play Scramble with Friends. I like it because it gives me validation. There’s a deep-booming voice that goes “EXCELLENT,” or “GENIUS” every time you put down a good word. I think that voice is why people play those games. Candy Crush? “DELICIOUS.” I want to be that guy when I retire from singing.

GGM: Sounds like you know your apps!

JG: It’s either those games or the police scanner app, where I just stay up all night and listen to crimes happening.

GGM: How about any gadgets? Do you play with anything else?

JG: Well, there’s a rather large gadget I’m playing with right now. I’m trying to get my pilot’s license, so I’ve been going up in a single large aircraft every week. That’s a gadget, right?

GGM: What kind of planes?

JG: We’re flying a Sirius SR-20, which is a fast, safe, four-seater. When I’m not doing that, I’m happy to walk my dog in the park, catch up on books, Playstation games.

GGM: What are some of your favorite restaurants to visit?

JG: SoHo has great ones. I love Blue Ribbon Brasserie because you can get Lobster at 3 in the morning! You walk in at 2 in the morning and see people in tuxedos. The party just ended for them. The Dutch is right there too. I love sushi. Sushi of Gari is a great one.

GGM: Which books are your favorites?

JG: I’m a big David Sedaris fan. I just saw him speak at Carnegie Hall and it was amazing! At the moment, I’m reading a book by John Steinbeck. I recently discovered that I’d been behind on a lot of the classics, so I’ve been going back and kind of falling in love with Steinbeck’s writing. I’m reading Travels with Charley, which is great for a dog lover. It’s about taking a road-trip across America with his poodle, and his relationship with his dog is similar to the one with my dog.

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