Q&A with Lance Bass

It's been nothing but happy times for Lance Bass of late! Since reuniting with N*Sync at the 2013 VMAs, Lance proposed to his boyfriend, Michael Turchin, and in December 2014, they got married at Los Angeles' luxurious Park Plaza Hotel. Lance took some time to talk to GoGoMix about just what we his wedding, a few of his favorite things, and that time he almost got incinerated at the Super Bowl... wait, what!?!?

--by Adam Downer

GGM: Congratulations on the wedding! Why the choice to have your wedding public like this?

LB: I think it was a good thing to show right now, especially with what’s goin’ on in marriage equality. If I were a straight man, there’s no way I would’ve done this. There would’ve been no point. They offered us the special immediately, and I was like “no, I don’t wanna do this,” but we quickly realized that this would be a really nice thing for a lot of people to see, and might help swing public opinion on marriage equality.

GGM: I read that you described your wedding as very grandiose. Could you talk a bit about the aesthetic for the wedding?

LB: I think big, for sure. When I thought of the wedding, I thought of royal weddings. It’s the biggest day of your life, and when I think of Lance, I think of royals. I love royal colors like burgundy and purple. We love those deep, dark colors. I wanted everyone to come dressed like they were coming to a royal wedding, so everyone looked amazing. I wanted one night where everyone could come and say, “You know what? That’s the best I’ve ever looked.”

GGM: What about N*Sync’s performance at the VMAs (which was totally awesome by the way), made you sure you were ready to take the plunge?

LB: It was part of the reason, for sure. It was a great week with the N*Sync guys and having Michael see my past, and be involved with us performing again. We’d just seen his family, and my family. It was a combination of a lot of great things that happened that week, making it the perfect moment to ask him to marry me.

GGM: What about the Park Plaza Hotel made it the venue you wanted for the big day?

LB: I think a venue speaks to you. We looked at several and really couldn’t find anything that was just amazing. We loved the Downtown LA Theater, but it was gonna be so hard to do a wedding there with all the seats. We gave up looking at venues for a while, until our wedding planner showed us this one. We walked in, and I could just feel that this was the place I needed to get married in. There was a grand staircase, and it was exactly the vibe I wanted. We knew within five seconds that it was the place.

GGM: When it came time to pick a tuxedo, who did you turn to?

LB: We turned to ourselves! We love fashion and designing, so we made our own tuxedos, which we loved. We made them very fitted, and not exactly matching. We have a lot of classic black but add a lot of navy features into the tuxedo. For the reception, we designed a couple more tuxedo jackets, his a royal blue, and mine a hunter green. We wanted a different color for a different vibe. We got to work with our friend Jeff Kim, an amazing stylist here in L.A. He helped us design it. It was one of my favorite parts of the whole wedding.

GGM: What are a couple favorite songs you can’t stop jamming right now?

LB: Right now, it’s the whole album of Hozier. I, like many people, love “Take Me to Church,” and I downloaded the album. I’m from Mississippi, and I love his bluesy vibe. I’m loving that album. And then, I’m pretty much listening to everything. I have my own radio show and we listen to a lot of music. I do my own countdown show. I’m always up on the latest and greatest, so when I’m listening for pleasure, I go into old stuff. So, stickin’ with blues, I love Marc Broussard to kinda relax.

GGM: You were talking about some old stuff which leads well into my next question: favorite albums of all time?

LB: Ooo, good question. I think Chicago’s Greatest Hits might be in my top 2. I love Greatest Hits, because you get all the best stuff. I think Aerosmith’s is also one of my favorites. Michael Jackson’s Bad, of course, is one of my first memories of music. I think it inspired me to become a pop artist myself.

GGM: Favorite movies you’ve seen recently?

LB: There are a ton! I’ve got all my screeners here for my SAG ballot, and I’ve seen some amazing stuff. Imitation Game was absolutely incredible, a story I can not believe no one knew. Of course, The Theory of Everything was really great. I watched Cake last night and Jennifer Aniston nailed that role. And I’m very happy The Grand Budapest Hotel is finally getting some recognition because that’s been my favorite movie all year and I love that people are finally seeing it.

GGM: Favorite TV Shows?

LB: Where do we start? I’m addicted to television and watch pretty much every show, from Vanderpump Rules, to Scandal, I watch it all. Right now I’m catching up on Homeland. I like to binge watch, so right now I'm catching up on the last season of The Newsroom. I loved The Comeback this year. And then I love my reality television. Big Brother is probably my all time favorite reality show. Summer can’t come soon enough!

GGM: Have you read anything recently that stuck with you?

LB: I’m really trying to get more into health and fitness, so I was just reading Jorge Cruise, The Belly Fat Cure. I’m learning all about sugar right now! The next one I have to read is Unbroken because my Grandaddy gave me it. I want to read the book before I see the movie.

GGM: Favorite restaurant?

LB: When I go home to Mississippi, I have to go to Charlie’s Catfish, because it’s the best catfish in the world. I have to stop at a Pie Face in New York. I don’t know how many freakin pies I’ve eaten there! And when I’m in LA, my go-to place is Sweet Butter, on Ventura. They have the best food in LA.

GGM: And finally, can you tell me a favorite old N*Sync story?

LB: One tiny one is when we performed at the halftime show at the Super Bowl. I was just thinking about what Katy Perry must be going through, because it’s the time of your life. As an artist, it stays with you. It was such a fun moment to be with your friends you’ve bene performing with for so many years, such an honor in front of a hundred million people. And we got to perform with Aerosmith, my favorite band! A story that sticks out from that experience is the rehearsal for the Super Bowl. I was late putting my earbuds in, so I had to run out, and as soon as I did, the pyrotechnics went off and almost killed me! I’ll never forget the day I almost died before I got to perform the Super Bowl halftime show!

Image source: Michael Segal Photography

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