Q&A with Life of Dillon

Dillon sounds like a chill guy, so chill that UK pop trio Life of Dillon took their name from him. We talked to the lads about Dillon, their EP, and their favorite things!

--Adam Downer

GGM: So the Prologue EP dropped yesterday. How have the past 24 hours been?

David: It’s been pretty crazy! Non-stop, we’ve been to Vevo and MTV, going in and doing an acoustic showcase for these people. It’s been great, fun and a journey to get here for sure.

Rob: I’m just really surprised at the response we’ve had too. It’s been absolutely amazing. All the fans we have been tweeting us saying how much they love it and which one is their favorite and we have so much love for those guys.

GGM: For those who haven’t heard it, how would you describe your sound?

Joe: Our EP, generally speaking, is fun music. It’s light-hearted, and there’s a message that is in every song which is essentially chase your dream, follow your ambitions, because that’s where we’re coming from. All the stuff is very feel good music with organic elements, like guitars and piano, and it’s all pretty upbeat, so you can move to it.

GGM: I understand your name comes from a man you met traveling. Can you tell me about that?

Joe: We met Dillon last year, and his lifestyle was very carefree, free-spirited, and the complete opposite of how we were living in London. I think we envied it. Beyond that, we wanted to live in the sunshine, and we were living in London in the Winter. The contrast made us want to be there.

David: What’s funny is that when we write our music, in the background, we always have screensavers and posters of beaches and paradise, all these places we’d like to go. We felt it fit alongside what we were doing.

GGM: You have a big tour with Meghan Trainor coming up. How’d that come about?

Rob: We happened to be together on the same label, so it was natural for us to work together. We’re looking forward to seeing all these different cities. We realize America’s such a vast country and every city has its own vibe. We’re looking forward to seeing “real” America.

David: Meghan Trainor’s a great artist. We saw her in London, and she can really perform. We can’t wait to get on the road.

GGM: What albums or songs are you listening to right now?

Rob: We all have different tastes. I’m on a rock and indie thing right now, listening to Hozier’s new album, and it’s just like, I love it so much! I’ve also been listening to a lot of EDM and remixes. I like Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith’s album.

Joe: I like music across the board. I like Drake’s new album. I’m a general fan of the Weeknd. And I like a lot of Nigerian music as well.

David: To add to all of those, because I like all of it too, Andy Grammer’s new song is a great tune.

GGM: Favorite album of all time?

Joe: It’s hard to say, because I listen to so much music, but one I grew up on is Michael Jackson’s Bad. Incredible album, and great production quality.

David: I’m a massive John Mayer fan, so it could be any one of his albums, but I would say… Room for Squares cuz I like the acoustic stuff.

GGM: Seen any good movies recently?

Rob: The last movie I saw that was absolutely incredible was Ex Machina. My goodness, what an amazing film. I’m a huge technology head and it’s about the AI that might be coming out in the future. I saw it on the plane and it was amazing.

Joe: I was on the same flight, watching the same movie, and I’d have to agree.

GGM: TV shows?

All: We’re all Game of Thrones fans.

GGM: Are you guys into fashion? Can you tell me some shoes or accessories you love?

David: I’m a massive hat fan. I’ll wear one all the time, and have been a fan since I was a kid. Joe’s a big sneakers fan.

Joe: I really love Airmaxes.

Rob: For me, I have a lot of different styles, but I always have Ray-bans Sunglasses and I have, like, five of the same pair of White Nike Airforces I wear all the time.

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