Q&A with Linda Perry

When it comes to what’s goin’ on, Linda Perry is something of an expert. We sat down for a brief conversation with the former 4 Non-Blondes singer and current producer to talk food, music, and travel and heard about some cool things she digs.

GGM: Hi, we are with the great singer-songwriter—

LP: And producer, and vegan cook—

GGM: Linda Perry! So, vegan baker, eh? Talk to us about some of the stuff you like to eat!

LP: I started baking because I love dessert, I’m vegan, AND I’m gluten-free, which makes going out difficult. I discovered making apple crumble cupcakes, I make chocolate cakes, great waffles strawberry shortcake. I make a vegan pizza that’s amazing. I’m telling you, I’m on to something that makes me feel good.

GGM: Are there any restaurants you like to visit?

LP: Yeah, but I’m trying not to go out. Everything’s a little too saucy for me, and being vegan and gluten-free is a hard life.

GGM: So you stay at home, and cook a lot at home, eat at home. Do you like to watch TV or movies when you’re at home?

LP: Yeah, I watch a lot of stuff. I work a lot as a producer, so TV helps me wind down after the day.

GGM: What shows do you like?

LP: I love Bravo, A&E, the Food Channel—Chopped specifically.

GGM: Ah, Chopped is a great show! So you’re a producer. What are some acts you’re rocking to in your iPod right now?

LP: Rockin in my iPod is always Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Velvet Underground. I’m always trying to discover new music. I like My Morning Jacket, Eagles of Death Metal, Bat for Lashes, Patsy Cline. I’m all over! I fancy older styles of music. Not because I’m old! It’s just better. I like really strong songwriting. Not, you know, the other stuff (laughs).

GGM: Your career has taken you around the world. Tell us some great places you like.

LP: I love Switzerland. We were at a hotel there offseason, and it was like The Shining. When we checked in, there was literally no one there except me, the band, and another band. It was cool! I love Kauai. It’s my number one favorite place to go. I have a friend named Cheryl Shanks. She has a beautiful place. She calls it her “Malohaha Paradise.” It’s three or four acres she developed, and if you want to go on a honeymoon, it’s amazing. Right on the beach. Just stunning. I love it.

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