Q&A with Mary Sarah

Mary Sarah stands on the cusp of country music stardom, and with a long list of legendary collaborators, it should be no time at all before we see her atop the charts. Her debut album, Bridges, featured Merle Haggard, Vince Gill, Dolly Parton, and more. And how's this for an endorsement? Willie Nelson has said of Sarah, "She's a beautiful woman with a beautiful voice." We've featured Mary's GoGoMix performances of "The Fightin' Side of Me" and "Thinkin' Bout Last Night" in addition to clips of her conversation with GoGoMix's Jeremy Hassell. Check out our entire conversation with the Next Big Thing below!

GGM: You worked with so many greats of country music past and present on your debut album! How cool was it to work with some of these people on Bridges?

MS: Pretty crazy! We started four years ago on this project, and the idea for it was not to sing with these country music legends, but miracle by miracle it came together! The executive producer on this project, Freddie Powers, lived with Willie (Nelson) and Merle (Haggard) on a houseboat for years! I’m so jealous! He helped me with this and it turned out to be this incredible project I didn’t expect to have four years later.

GGM: You have a tour coming up with Merle Haggard. Tell us about that.

MS: I am so excited. I have loved Merle for years! I get to sing “Fightin’ Side of Me” with him. It’ll be such a special moment! I got to sing with Willie Nelson and I was, like, hyperventilating. I don’t know how I’ll handle touring with Merle!

GGM: Is there anything special you need to bring on tour? Magazines? Books?

MS: I have a Nook, which has all my books. The last one I read was The Fault in Our Stars. When I picked it up, I had no idea the movie was coming out! And The Traveler’s Gift is a good one too. Very inspirational.

GGM: Let’s talk restaurants in Texas. What’s your favorite place?

MS: I think everyone in Texas will know this one: Whataburger. Every time I’m in Texas I have to eat it! Or Tex-mex in Texas.

GGM: And outside of Texas?

MS: Benihana. I love Chinese food. But I have a lot of favorite foods. Road snack for me: Oreos and milk. So good. I ate that for years every single night!

GGM: What do you listen to on your headphones?

MS: I’m all over the board. Pop, R&B, Country. Everything that gets me in a good mood! I just saw Jason Mraz and I have to say I’m an even bigger fan than I was before! I listen to Beyoncé and Ariana Grande and Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert.

GGM: In your downtime, what are some movies you like?

MS: Honestly, if I watch something it’ll probably be TV, and it’ll probably be, like, NCIS. I like crime shows. Bones, and stuff like those. My favorite movie is Finding Nemo. And I’m so excited for Finding Dory! I love Ellen. I want to go on her show one day.

GGM: Tell me about your boots.

MS: Miranda Lambert just came out with them. They’re a new line. My stylist brought them to me and I was like (whispers) “I’ll have them.” I’ve been wearing them all around New York. They’re fashion and country!

GGM: What other clothes do you like?

MS: I’m… kind of a Maxxinista (laughs). I admit it! You find the best finds at T.J. Maxx! You have to search aisle by aisle, but you’ll find it!

GGM: And designers?

MS: I love Kate Spade and what they’re putting out right now. And Michael Kors too.

GGM: When you go on your phone, what apps are you looking at?

MS: There’s this app called WAZE. It’s a traffic app that tells you where the police are and the traffic hazards are. It’s great!

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