Q&A with Matt Nathanson

When Matt Nathanson likes something, things get dangerous. The Mix's Alise Shoemaker sat down with the “Come on Get Higher” singer at Cyndi Lauper’s annual Home for the Holidays concert and learned of shops that he and his band “descend upon like hawks,” books that “totally killed” him, and a restaurant that “blew his mind out of his face.” Their conversation turned us on to lots of cool stuff, but should we be scared to try them? Read on to decide for yourself!

AS: Hi! I’m Alise Shoemaker for the Mix, and I’m here with Matt Nathanson! What we like to do, Matt, is tell people what you love, so tell us something you love!

MN: Something I love? I love New York City.

AS: What are some of your favorite restaurants in New York City?

MN: There’s a place called Dovetail on the Upper West Side that blew my mind out of my face the last time I went there.

AS: Yikes! Should I be scared to go there?

MN: You just have to secure your face.

AS: I know you go on tour. What do you like to do on your downtime?

MN: We just finished a two month tour, and on days off we go record shopping. We descend like hawks on these places. I literally shipped home 100 pounds of vinyl.

AS: Wow! So what’re your favorite records then?

MN: I love the new Motorhead record, Aftershock. It’s great! The new Head and the Heart, Let's Be Still too. Let's Be Still

AS: How about any movies or TV shows?

MN: Oh boy, this is how behind I am: I just started Breaking Bad. I started on Netflix and I’m sucked in. I’m only on Season 1, but it’s so good! And now I know how to cook meth! I also love that show Elementary, a Sherlock Holmes show.

AS: Do you have any Apps or gadgets that you like to use?

MN: Uber is the App that saves my life. That’s blind gambling. I just go “Uber, I’m in!” and I feel like a king.

AS: How about books?

MN: My favorite is “Please Kill Me,” by Gills McNeil. It’s a documentary on the rise and fall of punk rock. It did what it said it should do—totally killed me!

AS: Speaking of music, do you have any influences?

MN: Tonight I’m playing with Indigo Girls. They’re my heroines. When I was growing up I wanted to be Amy Ray. I wanted to play acoustic guitar and look like a total badass like she does.

Check out Matt Nathanson and his latest album, The Last of the Great Pretenders, on iTunes.

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