Q&A with Skylar Grey

Skylar Grey shuts out the noise. When GoGoMix’s Todd Silva sat down to speak with the singer and regular Eminem collaborator, we learned that while Ms. Grey loves New York, she connects with woods and mountains than skyscrapers and sidewalks, and spends most of her time with her headphones on. But while her TV taste is limited, her film favorites are flawless! Read on.

GGM: So Skylar, when you’re in New York and you have some down time, what do you like to do?

SG: New York is such an energizing city. I love taking walks out here, especially when it rains. I’ve spent a lot of time in Los Angeles recently. I also love the winter, because New York gets really festive. There are so many cool things, really! Great food, entertainment.

GGM: I find that in New York, people either like the Central Park outdoor experience or they explore neighborhoods. Which do you like?

SG: I like to do both. I’m a nature lover in general, so I love Central Park. But you’re in New York, so you have to explore! For that, I wander around SoHo and get the vibe down there.

GGM: You mentioned you like to check out restaurants. We have just about every kind under the sun here, so what are some of your favorites?

SG: Ah, I’m horrible with names. I know when I’m in New York, I have a great meal, but I can never remember where.

GGM: How about types of food?

SG: Sushi. I love healthy food, but I’m gluten-free and allergic to shellfish, so it’s pretty difficult!

GGM: When you have downtime, besides wander around the city, what do you like to do? Are you a big TV person?

SG: I like to work on my laptop in my hotel room. I’m not a TV person. Occasionally I’ll buy an HBO series, but that’s about it.

GGM: So what do you do on your laptop? Do you like to discover new music artists?

SG: Of course I like to hear artists that I love, but I’m mostly working, writing new stuff. But I love watching movies on my laptop.

GGM: What kind do you like?

SG: Dark, slow, character-driven films. Deer Hunter is one of my favorite films. Into the Wild.

GGM: Anything more recent?

SG: I liked Winter’s Bone!

GGM: What’s your favorite getaway spot? A good place to relax and find that creative inspiration.

SG: Anywhere there’s nature. I love being in the woods, so I went to Oregon to record my last album. I also like the mountains, so places like Park City, Utah. I love Canada and was conceived in Thunder Bay, so I always feel a special Canadian connection.

Check out Skylar Grey's new album, Don't Look Down, on iTunes.

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