Q&A with The Indigo Girls

The Indigo Girls are known for being two of the most down-to-earth musicians you’ll ever meet, and we can confirm that for a fact! The Mix’s Alise Shoemaker sat down with Amy Ray and Emily Saliers at Cyndi Lauper’s Home for the Holidays to talk some of the Indigo Girls favorite things, and learned about a ton of cool stuff, including where the best place to get Thai food in New York is, the best Bob Dylan record, and the chill duo’s surprising affinity for violent television!

AS: What are some of your favorite songs of all time?

Amy: That’s hard! It’s like picking your favorite kids! Emily: The first song that comes to mind is “I Can’t Make You Love Me,” by Bonnie Raitt. I love that song, and also “Hejira,” the title track from that Joni Mitchell album. Amy: Anything off Bob Dylan’s record Infidels. “Change is Gonna Come,” by Sam Cooke, is one of my very favorite songs of all time. And in the spirit of the holidays, Nat King Cole’s version of O Holy Night.

AS: Since you guys have been touring forever, I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of places. Do you have any top cities, restaurants you love, favorite places to visit? Favorite drinks?

Amy: (laughs) Favorite drinks? Diet Coke. You know, one of my favorite cities is Seattle. They have so many great Thai restaurants. There’s a million of them there. I go to Queen Anne or Capitol Hill and try a new Thai restaurant every time. Seattle’s a great, great city to hang out in and eat good food in. Emily: My favorite city to play in—and there’s a lot of them—but the top has to be New York. It’s always exciting. I love Seattle as well. Atlanta’s fun because it’s home, but I can find good food anywhere. Egg breakfast in a diner with a good coffee, and I’m happy. I co-own a restaurant called Watershed in Atlanta. I good food and good coffee. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy.

AS: What’s the best food place in New York?

Amy: I love East Village Thai. Just a hole in the wall place. Emily: I love any of David Chang’s restaurants. Momofukus, Balthazar. I’m a sucker for a good brasserie. Any of Mario Battali’s restaurants. He’s one of my favorite chefs. He has a great relationship to food.

AS: So when you have downtime on tour, are there any movies or TV shows you like to watch?

Amy: Oh my gosh, there are so many great TV shows out right now! The Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy, Mad Men. Six Feet Under was one of our favorites, The Killing... Emily: True Blood, Dexter. Basically violence (laughs).

AS: Gosh, should I step away?

Amy: No, you’ll be okay! You know what I mean, that’s how you get it out sometimes. We also like Downton Abbey. Emily: Downton Abbey for sure! Friday Night Lights. Amy: Friday Night Lights!! Friday Night Lights is old, but it’s one of the best series about high school football ever.

AS: Thank you for talking to me! This was the Indigo Girls on GoGoMix.

Emily: Tongue-twister! Good job.

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