Q&A with Tucky Williams

When we caught up with Tucky Williams, she almost turned the interview back around on us! We chatted with the Girl/Girl Scene creator about movies and television on her first trip to New York. Turns out she’s a fan of action movies and dark comedies. Read on!

GGM: I understand that this is your first time in New York!

TW: Yes, I’ve been going out to the West Coast a lot but this is my first time in New York City.

GGM: And?

TW: And, so far so good!

GGM: What do you like to do when you’re not back home in Kentucky?

TW: I like to film my show Girl/Girl Scene and that takes up most of my time. I like to watch movies, read.

GGM: What kind of movies do you like to watch?

TW: Oh, action movies.

GGM: Me too!

TW: Which do you like?

GGM: The Bond and Bourne Series, actually.

TW: See, I’m gay, and I can’t tell the difference between old Bond and new Bond. But my favorite action movie is Terminator 2.

GGM: Oh really? And how does that fit into the gay theme?

TW: Well, I’m a big Cameron freak. It’s certainly not like Terminator is at all gay-ish.

GGM: What about comedies?

TW: There’s this one really obscure movie called Quick Change.

GGM: I haven’t heard of that one. Would I know any of the people in it?

TW: Not many have, but it has Bill Murray, Geena Davis, Randy Quaid.

GGM: Wow! Surprised I haven’t heard of it. What about television shows?

TW: Seinfeld, definitely. And Nurse Jackie. They’re kind of different, but they’re the inspiration for my show. They’re both really dark.

GGM: I guess Seinfeld has its dark moments…

TW: Well, they’re terrible people. And Nurse Jackie is pretty grim. But they’re fun to watch.

GGM: And what’s next for you?

TW: Starting season two of my show!

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