Q&A with Vivica A. Fox

Vivica A. Fox took time to talk to us about the infamous incident in the boardroom during her time on The Apprentice, her battles against Sharknados of increasing insanity, and of course, her favorite things!

-by Adam Downer

GGM: The world is still abuzz after your cut from The Apprentice. Did you have anything you regret, anything you think you could’ve done differently, to make it to the final round?

VAF: First of all, I’m really happy I went out on my own terms, more than anything else. Everyone applauded me for that. I’m a realist, and I realized the last task was gonna be a fundraising task. I watched Geraldo Rivera and Lisa Gibbons bring in huge checks, so being honest with myself, I knew these were the two best contestants for the finale. I raised 50,000 dollars for Best Buddies. I finished in the top 3 out of 16 contestants. I really felt fulfilled. One tiny regret: I didn’t like that I had to scream, but things do get heated in the boardroom!

GGM: Of course! So, what do you think it takes to be successful on Celebrity Apprentice?

VAF: I think it takes a strong work ethic. I’d gotten wonderful advice from Star Jones, Mark McGrath, a few former contestants on the show. They said to be “If you go on Apprentice, be prepared: You will work. It’s a tough schedule. Be prepared to work, play it cool, put your best foot forward, try not to be a drama queen, and you’ll be successful.

GGM: So, speaking of drama queens, about your feud with Kendra Moore, how do you feel to have garnered so much support from fans and celebrities after her move?

VAF: Oh my gosh, it made me so happy! When I’m telling you, my timeline blew up, I was having a screening party at Queen Latifah’s. Lee Daniels, the director showed up. Just the love I got from America, I knew it was going to be a huge emotional trigger for everyone. To see someone do someone wrong and then try to throw them under the bus so blatantly like she did, I think that’s why everyone rooted for me, like “Good! I’m glad you stood up for yourself. She had that coming.”

GGM: I’d love to ask about Sharknado 2: what is it like to work on a movie that derives its humor from being intentionally bad?

VAF: Definitely tongue-in-cheek! But that Sci-fi crowd, that’s what they like! I’ve always found that versatility was a key to my success. I could do drama, comedy, stage, silly movies like Sharknado. You just put on a different hat as an actor! And I’m really glad about Sharknado 2’s success. We had, like, a billion tweets, the ratings tripled. As long as its successful, and people enjoy it and say “hey, you did a great job,” then I’m cool with it.

GGM: You’ve been in a ton of incredible, classic movies. Which is your favorite?

VAF: I have my top 5. Two Can Play That Game was wonderful for me, because it was my first starring role. I remember stepping out of the limousine the night of the premier and saw “Starring Vivica A. Fox,” I just was like “Wow! I’m a movie star! This is so cool!” Definitely Independence Day, because it was the first movie that broke 800 million dollars, moving towards that billion dollar franchise big action movies want to reach, so I felt really fulfilled about that and it put my name on the map. Set It Off, which I did with my girls, like Jada Pinkett Smith. All of us are still here, still doing big things fifteen years later in Hollywood. It’s like the little movie that could, because everyone went to go see it to laugh at it, and everybody came out like, “wow, that was really good! Four chicks robbin’ banks? Yeah!” Soul Food, which was a family classic, and was really special. It made families realize we need to sit down, have food together. And Kill Bill, because I kicked some serious butt!

GGM: Of course! Absolutely! What’s your favorite movie overall?

VAF: My favorite overall, oh my gosh! I can watch Terms of Endearment, starring Shirley Maclaine and Debbie Wagner, and Jack Nicholson over and over. To me it’s an all-time classic.

GGM: It doesn’t make you too sad to watch it over and over?

VAF: No, not at all! I love the acting. As actors, they really did their thing!

GGM: Favorite TV Shows?

VAF: Definitely The Cosbys. Different World, Charlie’s Angels, and then I’m a sports junkie and an avid America’s Funniest Home Videos watcher. I could sit there and just laugh with that show. Back in the day, people used to know not to call me between 6 and 7 o’ clock because that was when America’s Funniest Home Videos was on.

GGM: Music you’re jamming nowadays?

VAF: I love Beyonce and Jay-Z! When they put music out together, it’s just magical! I love Beyonce and her self-titled record and “Drunk In Love.” I also like Usher! I love his music. Trey Songz, and Ariana Grande too! I love her song with the little guy, “Love Me Harder.” And then I also love Bruno Mars! “Uptown Funk” is hot!

GGM: I read in an interview in the Toronto Sun where you said you have your outfits picked out for the finale. What do you have planned?

VAF: I have got a beautiful, black and gold Herve Leger suit that I am just slaying the game with. When I got this suit, I knew this was going to be for the Apprentice finale. It’s a power suit. It’s sexy, kind of like with a little rock star in it. It’s hot.

GGM: I read in the same interview that you said “New York will be seeing a lot of me in the coming weeks.” Why’s that?

VAF: Well, of course the swan song for Apprentice. It’s also a victory lap because so many people were proud of the way I handled my exit. I’ll be coming back for Unsung, a show that’s on TV1, doing a special on my career. They’re screening it for me, and then we’re going to a party for Derek Jeter, and of course I’ll be hitting up a couple shows for fashion week!

GGM: Is there any show in particular you’re looking forward to?

VAF: Absolutely! Michael Costello. I’m really looking forward to his show.

GGM: Vivica, thank you for your time!

VAF: You’re so very welcome! Thanks for the support!

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