Q&A with Wanda Sykes

The jokes were flying during our conversation with Wanda Sykes. In a brief interview with GoGoMix’s Max King, we learned about the comedian’s affinity for (what she can recall of) New Orleans, the way she takes in her favorite television, and the woman whose tweets she fears the most.

GGM: We’re here with the funniest woman in America, Wanda Sykes! What we do here at GoGoMix is find out about the things that you like, share them with people, and help them get into your business a little bit! We know that you’re a football fan, right?

WS: Yes!

GGM: You like the Saints, even though you’re from Virginia.

WS: Yes, I like the Saints. I grew up a Redskins fan, but once Jack Kent Cooke was out of there, I had to find my own team. I inherited the Redskins, but I had to find my own team. I bounced around a little bit. I’m a bandwagon jumper, not gonna lie. I like to win.

GGM: So now you’re “Who Dat?”

WS: Who Dat Nation! It was right after Katrina. The first time I went to New Orleans was for the Rams-Patriots Super Bowl, and I fell in love with it. Although I think it’s a little bad for your health. Have you ever been to New Orleans?

GGM: Oh yes, but we don’t remember it that well.

WS: You don’t! You don’t remember anything! The last time I was there, my liver went to the airport before I did, like, “come on man, we gotta make this flight! You’re killin’ me!” (laughs)

GGM: Now, you like gumbo, is that right?

WS: I love gumbo. You know a lot about me, don’t you?

GGM: That’s what we do! Are there any restaurants you like to go to to get good gumbo?

WS: Oh what’s that place in New Orleans… is it Sylvia’s? But you can’t go wrong. You walk into a restaurant in New Orleans, it’s good. You’ll find something.

GGM: Now, we know you like Vegas, but we hear you like Vegas. Is that one of your favorite places?

WS: You know, I like to perform in Vegas. I like to gamble, I like to drink, and I don’t like to be judged. So where can you go to gamble, drink, and not be judged?

GGM: So when you’re home, you like to watch TV. You like Breaking Bad, right?

WS: I love Breaking Bad. You are all in my business! Thank God for my iPad and Netflix, because with kids you can’t watch what you wanna watch, so I take my iPad, get on the treadmill, and the kids know “Mama’s workin’ out. Let’s not bother her. Leave her fat ass alone!”

GGM: So what other shows do you like besides Breaking Bad?

WS: Oh man, Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones. I just watch everything on HBO. And the new one I’m digging is Homeland, on Showtime. The terrorist show, with Claire Danes. She’s a nympho and crazy, I love it! But she’s protecting the country! She’s all out with everything she does. And she’s taking psychotic medication… These are the people you want leading the country! And comedy wise, I love Modern Family, and anything that’s on OWN!

GGM: (laughs) A little kissing up?

WS: Yeah, I have to kiss up every now and then, you know how it is. I don’t know if you know this, but Oprah is a real gangsta on Twitter. I check my Twitter feed and she’s like “TURN IT ON RIGHT NOW, GODAMMIT!” and I’m like “Oh, shit! Alright Oprah I’m sorry! I don’t need to watch this show. I don’t need to hear the president!”

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