Q&A with Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams LOVES to talk about things she likes. Once we got her started on her favorite TV hosts, shows, and restaurants, she gave us lots of picks! Read on to find out what they were and how Wendy would deal with an old high school boyfriend nowadays!

GGM: We’re with Wendy Williams to find out some things Wendy likes! So, right off the bat, what are some influences for your talk show and people who inspired you to get where you are today?

WW: Oh my gosh, everybody from Oprah, to Howards Stern, Phil Donahue, Sally Jessie Raphael. I’m a student of talk TV and right back down to Mike Douglas when I was too young to be watching Talk shows! In terms of my absolute influences when I get out there, my parents telling me I could do anything!

GGM: Tell us, when you’re out of the talk show world, what shows do you like to watch?

WW: I love what’s going on Bravo. All the Real Housewives shows. And one show, that I haven’t even seen but I think is gonna be my favorite is coming on TLC, called The Virgin Show. I like reality TV, but I also love American Greed, late night, Locked Up. I miss America’s Most Wanted. I like Suburgatory. I like Dr. Drew on HLN, but mostly I love daytime TV.

GGM: So aside from TV, do you get to go to theaters at all to see movies?

WW: Yes, I really liked My Week With Marilyn and also Young Adult, with Charlize Theron, where she sneaks back into high school to see an ex-boyfriend.

GGM: Have you ever had to sneak back into high school to see an old boyfriend?

WW: (laughs) Not exactly, but I have run into ex-boyfriends, and my attitude is recently “How you like me now?”

GGM: After a hard day of work, you go out with your friends. What are some restaurants you go to?

WW: I love Porterhouse. Oh my gosh, the steak is phenomenal! I can eat a whole steak with A1 sauce and hot sauce! But I also love Sarabeth’s in one of my favorite department stores at Lord Taylor midtown. Lord Taylor does a lot for our show, in terms of wardrobe. I come from old school. My mom, me, and my sister would shop in department stores and eat at the restaurants in them, like how Barney’s has Fred’s. I love that.

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